Manito Silk | Luxury Silk Bedding

Not all silk vendors are created equal. Manito is headquartered in North America where we maintain inventory. We offer Free Shipping anywhere in North America for orders of $50 or more. Manito designs its products here, for western colors, tastes and style. Our parent company manufactures everything we sell. Buy our luxury silk bedding, silk sleepwear, silk pillowcases and our many more high quality products with absolute confidence.

Silk Tip: Travelling With Silk

Silk is great for travel! Lightweight and easy to pack, mulberry silk sleepwear is a versatile choice for travel to all kinds of destinations, hot or cold!



Silk Tip: Sleep Well While Travelling

Have trouble sleeping on a plane, train, automobile or strange hotel bed? A silk sleep mask may be the answer. Block out light and distraction with a silk-filled, silk-covered super mask and catch a relaxing mile-high cat-nap!




Silk Tip: Thread Count vs. Momme Count

Most of us tend to associate a higher thread count with better quality bedding; however, this is not the case with silk. The momme count is of greater importance. The ideal threads for weaving fine silk are plump, dense threads that will make the delicate silk more durable.