About Us

With unparalleled quality of materials and craftmanship, Manito provides the finest silk bedding available in North America.  We are the farmers, manufacturers and designers of our own products.  The entire process, from field to final product, is our family business, our pride and our passion.  Our expertise in harvesting and manufacturing silk is so well-known we assisted in the drafting of China's National Standards for the manufacture of raw silk and silk duvets. 

Our parent company is located in the Anhui province of China, where fine silk production has a long and respected tradition.  We have been awarded the National Poverty Alleviation Enterprise certificate from China's State Council.  This honour is given to those active in addressing rural poverty by supporting farmers. 

For North America, we have developed exquisite and elegant designs with attention paid to the very smallest of details.  We know you will love our products as much as we have loved making them for you.  Our reputation depends on it.  ENJOY!