Manito Luxury Silk Bedding & Silk Sleepwear

Manito Luxury Silk Bedding & Silk Sleepwear

  • Elisabeth Rohm Loves Manito Silk

    Elisabeth Rohm looked so good in her orange dress at the Independent Spirit Awards that she had us wondering if we should come out with a new color for our Silk Sheets! Born in Germany, she moved to New York City as an infant and was raised in the United States. Show-Biz runs in the family: her mom was a scriptwriter who once wrote for the soap opera Guiding Light.  Elisabeth has a daughter and writes about motherhood in her blog.  One of our favorites is about her mom and daughter ( ).

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  • Great Holiday Gifts from Manito Silk.


    2014 Christmas Gift Ideas – Great Holiday Gifts from Manito Silk

    Manito is pleased to announce our great silk holiday gifts for 2014! This year, give the gift of luxurious, exquisite silk to your loved ones. We are featuring some of our most popular silk bedding and silk sleepwear items, so you can spread the joy of soft and supple mulberry silk to all this holiday season!

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  • Celebs who love Manito - Kate Aselton and Mark Duplass!

    Over the next few months we will be sharing some photos of celebrities who love Manito silk.

    First up is the power couple Kate Aselton & Mark Duplass. They co-star in the FOX sitcom "The League" and also in real life as Mom and Dad to their two wonderful children.

    Kate is a producer and director in addition to being a fabulous actress. Mark is also the lead singer for the band "Volcano, I'm still excited!!" (best name for a band ever?!), and guest stars on "The Mindy Project": we think The Midwives would approve of Manito Silk.

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  • Best of All, We Love the Fall: Chasing the Chill with Silk Bedding

    As the crisp days and chilly nights of autumn offer a refreshing change of pace to the heat of summer, one of the most luxurious ways to stay warm as the thermometer drops is with silk bedding and accessories. Lightweight, incredibly warm, and so soothing to the touch, silk is an elegant partner bringing comfort, luxury, and durability, without equal.

    Manito pure silk and silk-filled bedding, from duvets and throws to pillows and sleep masks, are versatile essentials that are perfect for fall weather, but also ready for anything winter brings.  With beauty benefits that are gentle on skin and hair, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, quality silk will help you look and feel and at your best.

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