Bed Behavior

  • Do You Really Need 8 Hours of Sleep?

    morning-time-alarm-bell“Do you really need 8 hours of sleep?” is a common question. In the modern world, life is hectic and you feel as if you need all the time you can get. Cutting corners and compressing tasks is often essential to get done with all the items you have planned for a single day. When trying to make time, you may be tempted to cut your sleep hours down to 7 or even 6, noting that you still feel fine the next day. However, sleep is a very important part of your overall health. Here is a brief overview of your sleep needs and the answer to the question, "Do you really need 8 hours of sleep?"  Continue Reading

  • 4 Ways to Pamper Yourself With Silk

    pamperWhen it comes to fabrics, silk is always one of the best ways to pamper yourself. There are few materials that can make you feel you as comfortable and cozy as silk. From your pajamas to blankets to beauty products and accessories, there are a number of unique ways to pamper yourself and create a more comfortable atmosphere at home with silk. Continue Reading

  • 6 Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

    8532482_sAre you having trouble sleeping at night and getting the beauty rest you need? Can’t fall asleep when you hop into bed at the end of a long day? Then try these 6 trips to get a better night's sleep.

    Set a sleep schedule…and keep it

    The best way to re-establish regular sleep is to create a sleep schedule for yourself. Choose a time you’d like to go to bed at night, and no matter what, be in bed at that time, even on weekends and holidays if possible. Even if you can’t get to sleep right away, try to relax further and do a quiet activity like read a book, until you feel ready to fall asleep. Continue Reading

  • Make Sharing a Bed More Comfortable With the Best Silk Sheets

    best-silk-sheetsLet’s face it – sharing a bed with your partner isn’t always the most comfortable scenario, especially when you are looking forward to getting a really good nights’ sleep. In addition to the sleep habits your partner has (such as snoring, kicking, or talking in their sleep!), it can be difficult to find to a compromise when it comes to the type of bedding you use. Perhaps one of you prefers to sleep cocooned in multiple blankets, while the other prefers to sleep without covers at all. Maybe one of you always wakes up in the middle of the night sweating, while the other complains of chills all night long.

    Whether you’re too hot or too cold, a fitful sleep is never anyone’s idea of beauty rest. And if you’re up tossing and turning, your partner is likely being disturbed as well. Luckily, there’s an easy way for both of you to get a better, more relaxing sleep. Choosing the best silk sheets, duvets, pillowcases and other silk bedding accessories can improve your sleep quality, as well as your partner’s. Continue Reading

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