Celebrities Love Manito Silk

  • Elisabeth Rohm Loves Manito Silk

    Elisabeth Rohm looked so good in her orange dress at the Independent Spirit Awards that she had us wondering if we should come out with a new color for our Silk Sheets! Born in Germany, she moved to New York City as an infant and was raised in the United States. Show-Biz runs in the family: her mom was a scriptwriter who once wrote for the soap opera Guiding Light.  Elisabeth has a daughter and writes about motherhood in her People.com blog.  One of our favorites is about her mom and daughter (http://www.elisabeth-rohm.com/love-learning-can-lead/ ).

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  • Celebs who love Manito - Kate Aselton and Mark Duplass!

    Over the next few months we will be sharing some photos of celebrities who love Manito silk.

    First up is the power couple Kate Aselton & Mark Duplass. They co-star in the FOX sitcom "The League" and also in real life as Mom and Dad to their two wonderful children.

    Kate is a producer and director in addition to being a fabulous actress. Mark is also the lead singer for the band "Volcano, I'm still excited!!" (best name for a band ever?!), and guest stars on "The Mindy Project": we think The Midwives would approve of Manito Silk.

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  • Celebs who love Manito, Holiday Edition: June Squibb.

    Official Presenter Gift Lounge At The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards produced by On 3 Productions

    As the holidays fast approach, so many of us turn our thoughts to family. Hey, it may not be all good, but come time for the holidays we all want to remember the best parts and have the best times and give (and receive) the best gifts:)

    Here at Manito, we've been cozying up this holiday season with a warm throw and a hot toddy and a stack of 'family movies'. First on the list: 'Nebraska', a movie about a family that is sad enough to make us cry and funny enough to make us laugh out loud. Just like our own family! Earlier this year we met June Squibb, co-star of 'Nebraska'. She is a warm, funny, lovely lady who we always love to see on the big and small screens. She's like our favorite family member; the one we love seeing at Thanksgiving dinner and wish we saw more of!

    We wish everyone a warm, happy, funny holiday with tonnes of time spent with your favorite family members! Don't forget to treat them right, and if that means a lovely silky gift, click here for ideas.

    Happy Holidays from all of us at Manito Luxury Silk.

  • Celebs who love Manito: Laura Dern.

    Official Presenter Gift Lounge At The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards produced by On 3 Productions

    Dern: Hollywood royalty. Laura Dern: Heiress to the throne. Her father is Bruce Dern, multiple Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee. Her mother is Diane Ladd, Golden Globe winner and multiple Academy Award nominee. She is Laura Dern, multiple Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee. Wow. Just wow.

    We were incredibly honored and humbled to meet the lovely Ms. Dern again at this year's Independent Spirit Awards. Some of our favorite roles: Amy in Enlightened and Sandy in Blue Velvet (and Wild at Heart and Inland Empire...anything of David Lynch's really!)

    We love a good 'passing of the torch' story at Manito. In fact, Di and May Zhang, the founders of Manito Silk, come from a 30-year dynasty of quality silk manufacturing. No wonder the Manito brand is an industry leader in quality, design and workmanship.

    Want to learn more about the Manito story? Click here: Our Family.

    Have a favorite Laura Dern role? Comment below. And as always:

    Sleep Well. Sleep Silky.

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