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  • Manito's New Line of Designer Sleepwear

    A good night’s rest is often the difference between a good day and a bad day.  Getting the most out of your beauty sleep requires comfortable, cool and beautiful sleepwear.  Manito Silk’s designer sleepwear collection offers luxurious silk robes, pajama sets and gowns.  These items are comfy enough for bed, but stylish enough to wear around the house.

    mulberry silk robe100% Mulberry Silk Robes

    Our silk robes come in two types:  the short kimono and long robe.

    The kimono is made of 100% mulberry silk charmeuse.  The beautiful design reminds us of its Asian heritage.  This piece is eye catching and compliments every body type.

    The long robe is inspired by a vintage, old-Hollywood feel,  adding a touch of sophistication to your sleepwear.  It can be worn four seasons, which makes the price well worth it.

    The robes come in several colours including plum/soft pink, champagne/milky white and charcoal/silver blue.  Continue Reading

  • Why Silk Robes are the Perfect Summer Loungewear Accessory

    Silk robes are a fantastic loungewear accessory for all women to wear in summer. There is no doubt that the popularity of silk robes lies in the properties of silk, a luxurious natural fiber discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago. The classic glamour and opulence of silk robes cannot be matched by any other type of fabric. Continue Reading

  • What are you wearing?

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax silk pyjamas champagne silver blue

    Not ready to take the plunge and get a whole set of silk sheets yet? Try out some of our Silky Sleepwear items first.

    Manito's Sleepwear collection is designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and luxury and will have you looking and feeling fabulous.  All our designs are developed to fit and flatter all shapes and sizes and the sumptuous 22 momme weight of our silk drapes beautifully.

    Our Robes feel so smooth and luscious that you may wish you could wear them to work! Our Long Robe, in Charcoal or Soft Pink, will keep you warm in the winter and pairs perfectly over Pajamas or our Long Gown. Our Short Kimono, in Plum or Champagne, is both stylish and comfortable and perfectly sassy over our Short Chemise.  In fact, both our Robes look fabulous over silk, over your clothes, or....on their own!

    Our Short Chemise, available in Milky White or Soft Pink, is perfect for summer-time or your next tropical vacation.  Our Long Gown, in Silver Blue or Plum, is so beautifully designed we can picture it on the red carpet or in the boudoir.

    Our Pajamas, in Silver Blue and Champagne, are both cozy and silky at the same time.  The generous, menswear inspired fit  is the epitome of comfort while the charmeuse woven silk will leave no doubts of your femininity.

    Sorry guys, at this time our sleepwear collection is for women only but if you ask us enough times we might just release a menswear collection as well.  Until then you can enjoy the silk on your lady. :)

    As always, if you have any questions please ask us in the box below. Until next time:

    Sleep Well, Sleep Silky


  • Anniversary Gifts and Silk

    Manito Silk | Silk Pillowcase | Silk Sheets | Silk Robes

    Silk Robes Make Excellent Anniversary Gifts

    “On our 12th year of Marriage my true love gave to me… SILK!”

    Giving wedding anniversary gifts dates back to the Middle Ages in Germany when wives were gifted a silver wreath in the 25th year and a gold wreath to celebrate the 50th year of marriage. It is likely that the current system of traditional wedding gifts originated in the Victorian era and gained even more popularity from the 1930’s on. Hallmark has provided us with a list of traditional and modern gifts going from years 1 through 60.

    In the traditional system of wedding gifts, for the twelve year it is suggested to gift silk. We think any time is a good time to give silk, especially anything to do with weddings and anniversaries.

    Some of our interpretations of the Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gift lists:

    1st year: Paper - A lovely paper card attached to Manito sheets
    2nd year: China - China is the birthplace of Silk,
    5th year: Wood - Without the Mulberry tree, there would not be Mulberry Silk
    11th year: Steel - Silk fibre has a stronger tensile strength than steel

    You get our point!

    Could there be a more romantic fabric than silk? We think not.

    Sleep Well, Sleep Silky.

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