Designer Silk Sleepwear

  • 5 Reasons Why a Manito Silk Nightgown Will Be Your Favorite Sleepwear

    An elegant silk nightgown is one of those clothing items that should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. It is a piece of lingerie that should incorporate a unique blend of classic design, luxurious fabric, and unmatched craftsmanship. Manito produces not only some of the finest silk in the world, but also some of the most beautiful and comfortable silk nightgowns. A Manito silk nightgown will be one of your most favorite items in your wardrobe, representing the very essence of elegant and sexy nightwear.

    Why should you choose a Manito silk nightgown? There are plenty of reasons, many of which derive from the very way the silk is processed and the way the nightgown is produced. Here are five reasons why a Manito silk nightgown will become your favorite sleepwear: Continue Reading

  • Manito's New Line of Designer Silk Sleepwear

    A good night’s rest is often the difference between a good day and a bad day.  Getting the most out of your beauty sleep requires comfortable, cool and beautiful silk sleepwear.  Manito's designer silk sleepwear collection offers luxurious silk robes, silk pajama sets and silk nightgowns.  These items are comfy enough for bed, but stylish enough to wear around the house.

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  • The Japanese Silk Kimono Robe: From Simple Garment to High Art

    The Japanese Silk Kimono Robe always makes a gracious statement speaking to the culture and status of the wearer. After traveling to China in the 8th century, the Japanese were inspired by the Chinese Hanfu style and began to fashion their own interpretation of the T-shaped robes. From that time forward, the Kimono was recognized as a symbol representing Japanese culture.

    The name loosely translates to "the thing that is worn." Originally adopted for its simplicity in construction and adaptability to the seasons, this versatile garment quickly became the nation's adopted style of dress. Made of long, narrow panels of silk, similar to the lustrous silk fabric used in our Manito Silk Kimono Robes today, panels ran from front to back over the shoulder, joining in the back from the neck to the hem. Similar panels were attached for the sleeves, and a wide band trimmed the front edges. Cutting, sewing, and tailoring all were simplified, and fit was adjusted by folding over the Obi sash at the waist to accommodate height. Girth was adjusted by wrapping side over side, left over right.

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  • The History of the Silk Kimono

    The silk kimono is an iconic piece of the Japanese traditional clothing recognized across the globe for its distinctive design and elegance. Despite having found popularity in the Japanese culture, the kimono was not originally invented in Japan. In fact, it was the Chinese who brought the first kimonos to Japan in the 8th century AD. At that time, Japan was adopting many elements of the Chinese culture and it was there that the silk kimono got its start as a timeless fashion trend.

    Today, the silk kimono robe is a symbol of sophistication and distinction worn by men and women in every corner of the world. Continue Reading

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