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  • Manito Luxury Silk on Huffington Post

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax hypoallergenic clean silk filled pillows breathe easy non-toxic allergies


    We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sacha DeVoretz, Lifestyle Blogger and Huffington Post contributor, about the benefits of Silk Pillowcases.


    It is an interesting read filled with facts about silk and why you should choose Manito Luxury Silk for your next silk bedding purchase.

    Enjoy, and as always:

    Sleep Well.  Sleep Silky.

  • How to Shop for Silk On-Line


    Buying bedding online is like buying anything over the web: there are a ton of options at varying qualities and prices and most people just don’t know what the best option is for them. When buying silk bedding online, it can become even more difficult. Most people want to touch and feel the texture of the silk to ensure it is of the highest quality before they buy it. Manito silk is here to help. With the following tips, you will be able to make a more educated decision that will guide you in buying the perfect silk bed set online in the US and Canada.

    1. Silk Weight, Type and Weave

    The most important thing to consider when you are looking for silk sheets, duvets or pillowcases online is the quality of the silk. The retailer should provide you with a detailed description of the silk bedding products. Make sure to read this thoroughly before you purchase. One key indicator of quality in silk bedding is the momme count. The momme count is the standard measurement for the weight of silk fabric. For the most comfortable silk, you'll want to look for a momme count of 19 or 22. Manito Silk has a 22 momme count, which we feel is the best option for sheets: it is not too light nor too hot. A second indicator of quality is the type of silk used. 100% long-strand Mulberry silk is the royalty of silk fabrics. It is known that the silk worms who eat the leaves of the mulberry trees produce the most luxurious, strong & shimmery silk threads. All of Manito's products are made of 100% long-strand Mulberry silk. The weave is also something to take into consideration. The most luxurious is "charmeuse", which uses a weaving technique that produces a fabulous touch and drape that isn't too slippery. Ask the online retailer to send you a swatch sample and see how they respond. Manito is happy to send out swatch samples in any color of your choosing, absolutely free, so you can see and feel the quality of our fabric for yourself.

    2. Measurements
    It is very important when buying silk bedding online that you carefully measure the dimensions of your bed to ensure that the bedding will fit seamlessly without being too tight or lose. Review the measurements online and look for sheets that are best suited for your bed frame and mattress before buying. Manito Silk bedding is constructed to fit western Queen, King, and California King beds.

    3. Additional Fees
    Whether you are buying bedding online within the USA or Canada, there may be additional fees associated with your order. To ensure you get the bedding you desire at the price that fits your budget, always make sure to read the fine print and invoice before ordering. Luckily, Manito Silk offers free shipping on all orders!

    4. Return Policy
    Make sure the retailer you choose provides  a detailed return and warranty policy. This way, if you are unsatisfied with your order you will have the opportunity to replace or return the bedding for something more suitable that meets your criteria. Look for a silk bedding company with a money back guarantee so that you can feel completely confident in your silk purchase.  Manito Silk stands by our products with a 30 money back guarantee.

    5. Location of Online Retailer
    There are many online sites originating from other parts of the world. Often these companies source their products from multiple factories.  These companies may have a North American phone number but are very difficult to contact directly.  Returning merchandise can be very difficult and may result in import duties or other surprise fees. Manito is located in North America, and so is our inventory. Rarely will we not have the product you want in the size and color you want. You will not face additional fees, it is easy and inexpensive to reach us, and returns if necessary are easy and quick. You can deal with Manito with absolute confidence.

    If you have any questions about buying bedding online in the USA or Canada, contact Manito Silk today. Our team will help make your ordering process easy and make sure your bedding is the right fit for you. We want to assist you in making the best choice for your home so you can have the most amazing sleep possible.

  • Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles?

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax hypoallergenic clean silk filled pillows breathe easy non-toxic allergies

    For a long time, silk has been mostly known as a plush bedding material reserved for those interested in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of their bedroom. However, bedding materials such as silk pillowcases offer a number of unique benefits that stretch well beyond simply making your bed look a little nicer.
    Silk pillowcases help protect your skin

    You may have heard that silk bedding is somehow good for your skin, but this might leave you asking the question, "Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles in a measurable way?" The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Let's take a look at how sleeping on silk can help your skin and hair:

    Silk will keep your face moisturized
    A key element of preventing wrinkles and skin damage is to keep your face properly moisturized. The smooth, tightly woven nature of a high quality silk pillowcase naturally seals moisture into your skin, unlike cotton pillowcases, which instead try to absorb much of the moisture in your face.

    Silk contains natural proteins that fight skin aging
    Protein plays an important role in maintaining your skin’s health. Many people's skin is deprived of the right amount of protein throughout the day, and especially while they sleep. Silk naturally contains several proteins made up of 18 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that enhance the quality of the skin.

    It is easier to sleep on silk pillowcases
    Lack of sleep can have an effect on your entire body, including your face. In fact, one of the biggest causes of skin imperfections like dark circles and wrinkles is lack of sleep. Coarse pillowcases made out of materials like cotton can contribute to sleeping difficulties as it rubs against your body and irritates the skin; silk, on the other hand, does not interfere with your sleep at all as it glides and drapes around your body. This is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin.

    How else do silk pillowcases help?
    Now that you know the answer to the question, "Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles?" Let's look at other ways that silk can enhance your sleeping experience:

    Silk is much better for your hair
    Your face isn't the only part of your head that benefits from silk pillowcases. Due to its smoothness, silk allows your hair to glide gently over the pillowcase as you sleep, so instead of causing a cluster of knots and tangles, your hair is left relatively untouched.

    Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and fight allergens
    Millions of people across the globe suffer from some sort of allergies. Some of the biggest culprits for disconcerting allergic reactions are right in your bed. Most bedding materials actually support the existence of these allergens by locking them in. Silk, on the other hand, fights dust, fungus, mold, mites and more as you sleep. What's more, silk pillowcases get this done without the help of harsh chemicals that can be allergens themselves.

    What are you sleeping on?
    Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles? Do silk pillowcases make it easier to sleep? Do silk pillowcases look and feel great? The answer to all of these questions is yes. To learn more about the benefits of silk pillowcases for wrinkles and the overall benefits of silk bedding, browse our collection of wonderful silk pillowcases and bedding sets.

  • How Silk is Made.

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax silk production manufacturing china


    How is Silk Made?

    The answer to the question of "How is silk made?" is evident in the name of the silkworm. It is important to note that there can be significant differences in the silk manufacturing process since not all silk manufacturers  use the same species of silkworm to produce their silk. For example, wild silk is made using the ruptured pupae of silkworms that breed and pupate out in the wild, in significant contrast to their domesticated counterparts.

    However, in most cases, the silk manufacturing process relies on the domesticated silkworm, which continues to be reared in much the same manner as their predecessors since time immemorial.

    The Steps in the Silk Manufacturing Process

    The silk making process begins with the silk moth laying its eggs. Since even a single silk worm can lay thousands of eggs in one go, this results in an enormous number of silkworms once they begin hatching out of their eggs, meaning that farmers have to be prepared with an appropriate supply of leaves harvested from the mulberry tree.

    As the silkworms feast on mulberry leaves, their skin has to moult so that they can continue growing.  Growth spurts have to occur no less than four times before silkworms are ready to pupate.  This takes place as soon as silkworms climb onto convenient branches placed there for that exact purpose by the farmer.

    Each silkworm begins by creating the net that will hold it in place before it begins enclosing itself in its cocoon. In total, each silkworm produces a single strand of silk that measures about a mile in length, held together in the shape of a cocoon using a gum called sericin.

    Once the silkworm have enclosed themselves in their cocoons, the farmers will put them in hot water. This dissolves the gum holding their cocoons together and  is crucial because it makes it possible for manufacturers the farmers contract with to separate strands of silk, bind them into thread, and then wind it onto reels as raw silk. Once the strands have been processed into raw silk, it can be shipped out for further processing into consumer goods such as our bedding and sleep-wear.

    How Our Process Stands Out

    Of course, even though the answer to the question of "How is silk made?" is generally the same across silk manufacturers, small differences can still lead to big differences when it comes to the results.

    For example, the excellence of the silk used in Manito’s products can be attributed to a couple of facts. First, our parent company has been involved in the manufacturing of silk for decades, including contracting with farmers who work in 30,000 acres of land in beautiful Huosan, Anhui Province.  We know silk, from farm to finished product.  Second, we not only insist on 100% mulberry silk but we purposely choose a traditional, narrow loom charmeuse weave and combine this with an optimum 22 momme, the measure of silk's weight.  In combination these attributes result in some of the world's most luxurious silk bedding and sleepwear.

    Contact Us

    Please do not hesitate to contact our representatives at Manito if you have further inquiries related to either how our silk is made, or the bedding and sleepwear made using our silk.

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