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  • Do Not Dryclean: Caring for Silk Bedding

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax silver blue milky white

    Some people might think of silk as being difficult to care for, but here at Manito we have made it very easy for you to enjoy fine mulberry silk without the hassle. Our silk is machine washable, using the delicate cycle in cold water. Wash silk with other silks or alone. You don't want to risk snagging the delicate fabric on a zipper or having it pill from rubbing up against a coarser fabric inside the washing machine.

    If you have smaller items like a pillowcase set or sleepwear it is easy to wash by hand although you must be careful not to wring out silk too forcefully when you want to dry it. Just gently squeeze the excess water out of the items and shake them a few times to get out the extra moisture & protect the fabric from wrinkling. Using a gentle detergent like Forever New or a gentle all-natural laundry soap is best to help your silk look and feel amazing for years.

    To dry, either hang to dry or put it in the dryer with no heat on air fluff. This is very important as heat will quickly damage your beautiful silk bedding. If you have sheets, take them out of the dryer when they are slightly damp and put on your bed to finish drying. That is how you get any wrinkles or creases out of the silk without having to iron it. Just put the slightly damp sheets on your bed, smooth out the fabric and allow it to dry naturally.

    We wanted everyone to enjoy the beauty, comfort and benefits of silk without too much effort. No dry cleaning, no ironing, no fuss. If you take good care of your Manito silk bedding it will provide you with many happy, relaxing and blissful sleeps.

    If you have any questions about how to care for silk, please let us know in the comments below, tweet us, www.manitosilk.com or come on over to our Facebook page to chat with us there! www.facebook.com/manitosilk

    We are passionate about silk and want to make sure you have the most wonderful and luxurious experience with your beautiful Manito silk.

    Sleep Well, Sleep Silky

  • Why Sleep on Silk?

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax coverlet

    Everyone knows that silk is a luxurious fabric that looks fabulous, but why would we choose it for our bedding over other fabrics? We wanted to provide you with some of the benefits of sleeping on silk, of which there are many.

    Firstly, silk is all natural and hypo-allergenic which makes it suitable for people with allergies to down and feathers, or who just want to know that they are having the healthiest sleep possible. Since we spend so much of our time in bed, it is important to ensure that we are not being exposed to any toxins as we slumber. The skin is the body's largest organ so whatever is directly touching our skin is of upmost importance. Our Manito silk is not chemically processed or dyed so you can rest assured that you will be having a clean and healthy sleep.

    On the topic of skin, it has been known for centuries that sleeping on silk helps to keep our facial skin young and beautiful. Silk has similar amino acids to both hair and skin and lends it's wonderful properties to both. In regards to skin, silk can help our favourite night cream to work even better by allowing for better absorption of the product. The smooth texture of silk means less lines, creases and crinkles when we wake up in the morning. Over time, these crinkles will become wrinkles so sleeping on silk pillowcases each night will help to keep your facial skin supple & youthful. With hair, silk is so gentle that it will not pull hairs out from your head at night when you sleep. It also helps to retain moisture for your locks & will assist in keeping the shape of an up-do or blow-dry for longer. Many hairdressers recommend silk pillowcases to their clients.

    Another wonderful quality of silk is that it repels mites, bed-bugs, mould and mildew. Silk is a wonderful mix of delicate and strong at the same time. The fabric feels so lightweight and soft yet it is comparable to steel in tensile strength. This means it will last for a long time when properly cared for and may even require less frequent laundering than other fabrics because of it's natural repellant qualities.

    Lastly, silk regulates body temperature so it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Many of our clients use the same bedding year round and report that it is suitable for all weathers, without having to have multiple duvets or blankets to accommodate each season. Also, of course silk feels wonderful to the touch and most people can never go back to other fabrics after sleeping on it.

    Here at Manito, we pride ourselves on our wonderful fine mulberry silk and go to great lengths to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality with your bedding and sleepwear. We love to talk about silk so if you have any more questions, please leave them in the comment box below, send us a tweet http://www.twitter.com/manitosilk or ask us on Facebook. http://facebook.com/manitosilk

    We love to hear from you and are happy to help you have the best sleep possible.

    Sleep Well, Sleep Silky.

  • FAQ's about Silk - Weave, Weight and Thread Count

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax silk manufacture production chinaEvery fabric has it's own unique qualities and silk is no exception. We wanted to answer a few commonly asked questions here so we can continue to educate the world about fine luxury silk.

    FAQ # 1 - Why is one side of the fabric dull and one shiny? Answer: Our Manito silk features a charmeuse weave which is shiny on one side and dull on the other. We chose a charmeuse weave because it is both strong and delicate with a fabulous sheen and texture that is expected of high quality silk. Unlike a satin weave, charmeuse is not overly shiny or slippery (both attributes commonly associated with the polyester Satin sheets of the Disco Era.) Our charmeuse is produced on small-width looms, an 'old school' technique which ensures the finest fabric and maintains our industry-leading quality.

    FAQ # 2 - What the heck does momme mean? Answer: Momme refers to weight and is the standard unit of measurement of silk. A piece of fabric that is 45 inches wide by 100 feet long will be weighed in pounds to get its momme count. For example, a standard size piece of fabric weighing 15 pounds has a momme count of 15. If you are looking for quality silk bedding that will last, it is advisable to purchase silk that is at least 19 momme or higher. Our Manito silk is a 22 momme count which we believe is the perfect weight and feel for fine luxury bedding: It is strong and durable yet delicate enough to capture the classic light feel of silk we love.

    FAQ # 3 - What is the thread count for quality silk? Answer: Most of us tend to associate a higher thread count with better quality bedding; however, this is not the case with silk. The momme count is of greater importance. The ideal threads for weaving fine silk are plump, dense threads that will make the delicate silk more durable. That is why a high momme weight to thread count ratio indicates higher quality silk threads. Most companies do not list their thread count but if you are curious, Manito's thread count is 430.

    Choosing the best quality silk is more than just looking for a number: You should look at the type of silk, the weight, and the type of weave. Manito Silk is made from the best quality Long-Strand Mulberry silk and woven with care into a luxurious 22 momme Charmeuse weave. There is no better silk bedding on the market!

    We hope we have shed some light on some of the most common questions we receive. If you have any more, please write them in the comment box below. We love silk and we're sure that you will too if you haven't tried it already.

    Sleep Well, Sleep Silky

  • Did You Know? Why We Use Mulberry Silk

    img_Sharon Lawrence 2

    Dressed to kill and feeling the silk, another fabulous Hollywood actress admiring Manito is the beautiful Sharon Lawrence. She is best known for her role on NYPD Blue for which she was nominated for 3 Emmy awards. Her impressive resume tells that she has had roles on: Grey’s Anatomy, Superman, Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90120, Desperate Housewives & Cheers. She is the chair of the philanthropic “Women in Film Foundation” and also is an avid supporter of various wildlife and environmental causes. She is an avid scuba diver as well. We’re thinking she will love to lounge around in Manito silk after a long day of swimming with the fishes.

    Did you know that mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available on the market today? It comes from silkworms who are fed on an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. This results in a uniform, light-colored silk that is finer than wild silk.


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