• Tip #33: Silk vs. Down Duvets

    Feeling weighed down by your bedding? Silk offers a lightweight alternative to traditional down duvets that allows your body to breathe as it drapes delicately over you.


  • Silk Tip #31: Storing Your Silk

    When not in use, your silk bedding, duvets, and pillowcases should be stored in a cool, dry place.  This will help preserve the natural properties of silk.


  • Silk Tip #27: Silk is Stronger

    The incredible strength of pure silk threads makes your bedding less prone to snags, tears and pulls when compared to synthetic or other natural fibers.


  • Silk Tip: Color Changing Silk

    Why does silk appear to change colors? Fine silk combines a unique blend of threads of different single colors in each weft. This is what gives high quality silk its unique luster.


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