Health Benefits of Silk

  • Is it time for a Sleep Divorce?

    Have you been hearing the buzz about Sleep Divorce? A Sleep Divorce is when otherwise happy couples decide to sleep in different rooms or beds to get a better sleep. This could be for a variety of reasons, including snoring, difference in body temperature and/or blanket hogging issues. Or because one or both partners has a hard time relaxing and it affects the other’s quality of sleep.

    We at Manito believe that when you sleep in our finest mulberry silk sheets, you might not have to apply for a Sleep Divorce after all. We are in the business of ensuring you have a gentle, relaxing and healthy good night's sleep. Silk is a marvelous regulator of body temperature so it has an incredible ability to keep your body at the perfect temperature whether you need warming or cooling. So if Mr. Snooze is prone to night sweats and Mrs. Snooze is always chilly, both of them can still find their perfect sleeping condition in the same bed!

    Also, when you snuggle up in between silk sheets, you will feel so comfortable and lush that you will forget that you ever had any problems or worries and sleep like a baby the whole night through.

    The only other little problem is that you might actually WANT to get that Sleep Divorce if you can’t come to an agreement on which of our 7 colors you prefer. One possibility might be to have each partner choose their own silk pillowcase colour. Who says everything has to match? Then everyone can be happy and rest well in bed.

    Make sure to follow our blog for more to come about our “Bed Behaviour” personalities: we’ll be featuring a new one each week. If you're single you might want to consider our points when choosing potential mates. We spend over a third of our lives in bed so we want to help you create the most extraordinary sleep experience possible. Until we meet again:

    Sleep well, Sleep Silky

  • Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles?

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax hypoallergenic clean silk filled pillows breathe easy non-toxic allergies

    For a long time, silk has been mostly known as a plush bedding material reserved for those interested in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of their bedroom. However, bedding materials such as silk pillowcases offer a number of unique benefits that stretch well beyond simply making your bed look a little nicer.
    Silk pillowcases help protect your skin

    You may have heard that silk bedding is somehow good for your skin, but this might leave you asking the question, "Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles in a measurable way?" The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Let's take a look at how sleeping on silk can help your skin and hair:

    Silk will keep your face moisturized
    A key element of preventing wrinkles and skin damage is to keep your face properly moisturized. The smooth, tightly woven nature of a high quality silk pillowcase naturally seals moisture into your skin, unlike cotton pillowcases, which instead try to absorb much of the moisture in your face.

    Silk contains natural proteins that fight skin aging
    Protein plays an important role in maintaining your skin’s health. Many people's skin is deprived of the right amount of protein throughout the day, and especially while they sleep. Silk naturally contains several proteins made up of 18 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that enhance the quality of the skin.

    It is easier to sleep on silk pillowcases
    Lack of sleep can have an effect on your entire body, including your face. In fact, one of the biggest causes of skin imperfections like dark circles and wrinkles is lack of sleep. Coarse pillowcases made out of materials like cotton can contribute to sleeping difficulties as it rubs against your body and irritates the skin; silk, on the other hand, does not interfere with your sleep at all as it glides and drapes around your body. This is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin.

    How else do silk pillowcases help?
    Now that you know the answer to the question, "Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles?" Let's look at other ways that silk can enhance your sleeping experience:

    Silk is much better for your hair
    Your face isn't the only part of your head that benefits from silk pillowcases. Due to its smoothness, silk allows your hair to glide gently over the pillowcase as you sleep, so instead of causing a cluster of knots and tangles, your hair is left relatively untouched.

    Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and fight allergens
    Millions of people across the globe suffer from some sort of allergies. Some of the biggest culprits for disconcerting allergic reactions are right in your bed. Most bedding materials actually support the existence of these allergens by locking them in. Silk, on the other hand, fights dust, fungus, mold, mites and more as you sleep. What's more, silk pillowcases get this done without the help of harsh chemicals that can be allergens themselves.

    What are you sleeping on?
    Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles? Do silk pillowcases make it easier to sleep? Do silk pillowcases look and feel great? The answer to all of these questions is yes. To learn more about the benefits of silk pillowcases for wrinkles and the overall benefits of silk bedding, browse our collection of wonderful silk pillowcases and bedding sets.

  • Eco - Friendly Silk.

    Manito Silk's Mulberry Farm luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax

    A Mulberry Farm

    Is Silk Eco-Friendly?
    If you are trying to transform to a more sustainable lifestyle, you may be asking yourself: is silk eco-friendly? The answer is yes! Silk is a fiber that comes from nature. The most notable silk comes from the Bombyx mori, a mulberry silkworm found in China. Silk can also be produced by other insects but typically, only silk from moth caterpillars is used in the textile industry. Here are more of the reasons why silk is a natural, eco-friendly material.

    Silk Products
    One of the reasons silk has been popular since ancient times is that its strong fiber makes products very durable as long as it stays clean and dry, isn't stretched and isn't over-exposed to sunlight. If you concentrate on purchasing durable silk clothing like sleepwear, ties, shirts, scarves, dresses and more, then you can help the environment through conservation.
    Silk is also used for many other products designed for a comfortable lifestyle. The more comfortable you are, the less stress you will have and the more likely that your wellbeing will contribute to good health, which is a big part of the eco-friendly equation. It is one of the most popular materials used in the bedroom due to its soft and smooth feel. Silk can also be used for home decor such as drapes, bedding, decorative pillows and more.

    Eco Friendly Concerns
    The most environmentally conscious silk manufacturers make sure that the dyes they use are eco-friendly. As long as synthetic chemicals are not added to the process, the silk remains pure. Silk is comprised simply of two natural proteins, which are sericin and fibroin. It's one of the most natural products on the market when compared with the thousands of household products that are manufactured from synthetic chemicals. The natural solution for many environmentally conscious consumers is to choose silk eco-friendly products so that they are not sleeping in a toxic environment or wearing clothes that contain toxic dyes. Additionally, silk produced by hand does not use fossil fuel energy in a factory. Even though silk is a very durable textile, it can also be recycled. So once again, if your concern is silk eco-friendly or not - the definitive answer is in how it is manufactured.

    The World's Finest Silk
    Manito is a North American silk vendor selling luxury silk bedding and sleepwear. Our family run business manages every part of the silk production process. The silk originates on farms in China from mulberry leaves where silk worms spin cocoons. Only coloring to the highest environmental standards are used for Manito's European inspired color palette. Visit Manito's website to learn more about silk, the world's most environmentally friendly, 100% sustainable fibre.

    Sleep Well. Sleep Silky.

  • Mulberry Silk. Explained.

    Manito Silk's Mulberry Farm luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax

    A Mulberry Farm

    What is Mulberry Silk?
    Simply put, mulberry silk is the best silk that can be manufactured in either natural or man-made environments. Each strand of this pure white substance is both smooth and unbroken, and when woven together, results in a beautiful fabric that is pleasing to all of the senses.

    How is Mulberry Silk Manufactured?
    So, what is mulberry silk? The answer is simple - it is silk made using the secretions of domesticated silkworms that feed on the leaves of the mulberry tree. This is an enormous contrast to wild silk, which is made using the secretions of wild silkworms that have been permitted to mature into moths.

    In brief, the eggs of domesticated silkworms are laid onto mulberry leaves so that they can begin feasting as soon as they have hatched. Once the domesticated silkworms have feasted to their hearts' content, they will crawl onto prepared branches and then begin weaving their cocoons. The completed cocoons are then placed in hot water to unravel them into their constituent strands.

    This process is crucial for a couple of reasons. First, since the process occurs in a controlled environment, its results can be reproduced again and again with minimal variation. Second, the process unravels each cocoon into a single strand of pure white silk, which is a remarkable contrast to the broken and uneven scraps that can be scavenged from the discarded cocoons of wild silkworms.

    The Benefits of Using Mulberry Silk
    Although may seem insignificant, the unbroken nature of mulberry silk results in a whole host of benefits for consumers of silk bedding and silk sleepwear.

    For starters, mulberry silk is both fine and light, making the touch of it a sensation to savor. Better still, it is more uniform than its wild counterparts because it is collected from unbroken cocoons. This ensures that the entire expanse of the fabric is smooth to the touch rather than an uneven patchwork. Combined with its refined appearance, it is no coincidence that mulberry silk has been one of the most prized fabrics in the world since ancient times.

    Of course, it is interesting to note that mulberry silk is also as practical as it is luxurious. For example, the fabric is famous for its exceptional strength, which is fitting because a strand of mulberry silk is stronger than a strand of steel of the same diameter. Furthermore, mulberry silk is a natural substance with no odor whatsoever, making it well-suited to the needs of consumers who are prone to suffering from allergies.

    Put together, these characteristics ensure that bedding and sleepwear made using mulberry silk provide exceptional value to consumers.

    Contact Us
    If you are not satisfied with learning the answer to "What is mulberry silk?" and wish to learn more about this wonderful fabric, please do not hesitate to contact us at Manito Silk to speak to us about our products.

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