Health Benefits of Silk

  • Could Your Bedding Cause Sleeping Problems?

    9911654_sSufficient sleep is as crucial for good health as diet and exercise. What you might not realize, however, is that your bedding could be impacting how you are sleeping at night.  Without adequate rest, sleeping problems can affect mood, lower learning and memory performance, and can have adverse impacts on overall health, energy levels, and weight.  The following are some of the signs that your bedding could be having an adverse effect on your sleep.  Continue Reading

  • 4 Air Travel Tips to Keep You Comfy

    air-travel-tipsTraveling is a lot of things: fun, exciting, and exhilarating. But when you spend hours on a plane, it can also be uncomfortable. But your next journey doesn’t have to be! Check out these air travel tips to keep you cozy the next time you fly.

    Purchase all the comfort you can

    The first of our air travel tips is all about seating. When you purchase your ticket, pick a seat with comfort in mind. If you can afford flying first class or business class, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable seat, more room, and perhaps even some delicious food. If a seat upgrade is not in your travel budget, be sure to get an aisle or window seat – whichever makes you most comfortable. Continue Reading

  • Silk vs. Cotton Bedding: Which Should You Choose?

    9398735_sChoosing Between Silk and Cotton Bedding

    The material of bedding has an enormous impact on its overall performance, so much so that it should be one of the most important considerations when you are purchasing new bedding. However, it is important to remember that said impact is spread between a number of factors rather than concentrated into a single one. Something that consumers need to keep in mind when choosing between silk and cotton bedding.

    Here are some of the factors that should be considered when choosing between silk vs. cotton bedding:


    Silk is considered to be a hypoallergenic material, because it is highly resistant to dust mites, deterioration, and is excellent at wicking away moisture-causing bacteria. In comparison, cotton bedding is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, since this type of fabric readily absorbs moisture. You should choose silk rather than cotton bedding if you are concerned about allergic reactions. Continue Reading

  • What is Charmeuse Silk and Why is it Unique?

    charmeuse-silk What is Charmeuse Silk?

    Charmeuse refers to a specific type of weave that creates a wonderfully weighted silk fabric with a beautiful sheen. To be exact, charmeuse is woven such that the lengthwise thread crosses over three or more of the transverse threads.

    Using this traditional style weave, silk charmeuse has a lustrous and reflective finish on its front, which makes for a great contrast with the dull finish of its back. Its luster and lightweight properties make it well-suited for delicate nightwear, robes and of course, bedding. Continue Reading

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