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  • What is Charmeuse Silk and Why is it Unique?

    charmeuse-silk What is Charmeuse Silk?

    Charmeuse refers to a specific type of weave that creates a wonderfully weighted silk fabric with a beautiful sheen. To be exact, charmeuse is woven such that the lengthwise thread crosses over three or more of the transverse threads.

    Using this traditional style weave, silk charmeuse has a lustrous and reflective finish on its front, which makes for a great contrast with the dull finish of its back. Its luster and lightweight properties make it well-suited for delicate nightwear, robes and of course, bedding. Continue Reading

  • Manito Luxury Silk on Huffington Post

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax hypoallergenic clean silk filled pillows breathe easy non-toxic allergies


    We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sacha DeVoretz, Lifestyle Blogger and Huffington Post contributor, about the benefits of Silk Pillowcases.

    It is an interesting read filled with facts about silk and why you should choose Manito Luxury Silk for your next silk bedding purchase.

    Enjoy, and as always:

    Sleep Well.  Sleep Silky.

  • What to Watch Out for When You Buy Silk Online

    Manito Silk Day 1 0075Are you interested in buying silk online, but aren’t sure how to identify silk to find the best quality products. Read on for our list of the top 4 things to watch out for when you are researching silk vendors:

    1. Can You Get a Sample?
    We truly believe that buying silk is a hands-on experience. When you buy silk online, you’re missing out on an essential part of the process – getting to touch and feel the softness of the silk yourself. Manito understands that silk should be touched. That’s why we offer to send all of our customers complementary swatches of our silk before they make a purchase. Continue Reading

  • What Makes Manito Silk Different From Other Mulberry Silk Bedding Sellers?

    ManitoDay10723Have you ever wondered why some silk sleepwear and bedding sellers on the web seem to have the exact same products? Here’s why: Many vendors you encounter while shopping online are simply middlemen who source the same products from the same manufacturers! This makes it much harder for shoppers like you to identify high quality silk from actual manufacturers.  And when you’re making an investment in mulberry silk bedding or sleepwear, you’ll want to be completely sure you are getting the luxurious products you deserve.

    At Manito, we take great pride in offering completely unique mulberry silk bedding for sale and sleepwear products. When you shop with us, you are purchasing silk items that have been artfully designed and skillfully manufactured by us. Everything we sell is a true Manito product. We maintain a very close connection to our factory in China, and are always in constant communication so we can continue to produce high-quality silk for our valued customers. Continue Reading

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