• Bed Behavior - A Silk Sleep Study - The Smooth Operator - Chocolate Brown






    Smooth Operator


    Bed Behavior - A Silk Sleep Study

    You may be thinking, what is Bed Behavior anyway? We coined this term as a way to describe what your choice of silk sheet colors says about your personality and how you get down in between the sheets. We mean sleeping of course!

    The Smooth Operator - Chocolate Brown

    This week we look at Bed Behavior # 2, The Smooth Operator, our lusciously luxurious Chocolate Brown. If you’re drawn to Chocolate we bet you either have a habit of drinking coffee or eating chocolate in bed; maybe both (thank goodness Manito Silk is machine washable!) Of course everyone wants a relaxing good night’s sleep, but we think that our “Chocolatites” are probably a bit more ambitious, with boundless energy. The “last one to bed, first one to wake” types, who also really know how to relax when they need to. It is an added bonus that your silk pillowcases and silk sleep mask help you look well rested in the morning and if you’re the type to pass out without washing off your make-up at night, Chocolate silk is a perfect choice.

    Slumbering under any of our fine mulberry silk sheets is a blissful experience but we want to help you figure out your sleep personality so you can get the most out of your sleep and your sheets. We’re sure there are just as many chocolate brown silk lovers who might like to lounge around in bed on a day off, eating sweets and sipping lattes. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone; it will be our little secret. That’s why we call you the Smooth Operator.

    Is your Bed Behaviour #2? Please leave us some comments below to let us know what you think. If you have any other great ideas to add to this Bed Behaviour or to share your own sleeping experience in silk bedding please do!
    Stay tuned for next week’s Bed Behavior and until then:

    Sleep Well. Sleep Silky.

  • Manito's Summer Sheet Sale - 5 Reasons to Invest in High Quality Silk Bedding

    Silk Sheet Set luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax

    Manito's Summer Sheet Sale

    5 Reasons to Invest in High Quality Silk Bedding

    With all the different options out there these days, it can be a bit overwhelming to make the best choice for your bedding needs. Here we will explore some of the reasons why you might want to invest in silk bedding over other fine fabrics. We could come up with a hundred reasons but broke it down to 5 main points.

    1) Silk is a natural fabric. All of our Manito silk is chemical free. Why is this important? Since we spend up to half our lives in bed, we want to make sure that we choose a fabric to sleep on that will allow our skin to breathe. This will optimize the body's ability to rejuvenate itself during sleep. It also means no night sweats or complications that might arise from allergies to synthetic or down bedding. Silk is hypo-allergenic. We have had some people report that they stopped getting migraine headaches after they slept on our silk filled pillows!

    2) Has your town had an outbreak of bedbugs or mites? Have no fear, silk repels mites, bedbugs and any other creepy crawlies that might want to make their way into your bed. Silk is a very strong fabric and with it's repellent qualities that means you don't have to wash it as often as other fabrics if you don't need to. That will ensure that your silk sheets last for many years to come.

    3) Silk is a regulator of body temperature. That means it can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It does double duty.

    4) If you want the softest skin & hair, silk also has beneficial effects on both. Stylists recommend silk pillowcases to their clients to help them keep their hair lush, healthy and strong. It is the perfect fabric for the delicate facial skin as it can aid with absorption of your night creams and prevent "pillowface" that over time can lead to fine lines & wrinkles.

    5) Silk feels amazing. Soft silkiness that makes you dream all day about returning to your bed. That alone makes it a fabulous investment for your home, the other many health and beauty benefits are an added bonus!

    These are just a few reasons to invest in high quality silk. We think once you go silk, you will never go back. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the box below. We love to talk about silk.

    Whatever the reason you choose Manito Silk Bedding - Now is the time!  Take advantage of our Summer Sheet Sale and save 40% off Flat or Fitted Silk Sheets!

    Sleep Well, Sleep Silky.

  • Bed Behavior - A Silk Sleep Study - The Daydreamer - Milky White



    Bed Behavior – A Silk Sleep Study

    You may be thinking, what is Bed Behavior anyway? We coined this term as a way to describe what your choice of silk sheet colors says about your personality and how you get down in between the sheets. We mean sleeping of course!

    The Daydreamer - Milky White

    Let’s start with Bed Behavior #1: The Daydreamer ~ lover of the impeccably gorgeous Milky White. If you’re drawn to our Milky White sheets it probably means you’re a purist who seeks a very soothing and relaxing sleep experience. You dream of running through flower fields underneath a sky of white puffy clouds and spend the whole day dreaming of crawling back into bed. Your sanctuary is silk – warm and comfortable underneath silk sheets and a fluffy silk filled duvet.

    You sleep face up and wake to immediately write in your dream journal.  Peace, tranquility, and purity are your highest values. Your bedroom feels like a deep breath after a long day that brings you back to calm and supreme relaxation.  A modern day Zen Den:  a Daydreamer’s Heaven where you can almost hear the Angels singing.  You most likely decorate with texture rather than color.  You appreciate the gentleness of silk on your skin and hair.

    Does this sound like you? Please leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts about Bed Behavior # 1, The Daydreamer (Milky White). Be sure to come back and visit us each week to discover a new Bed Behavior. You might just learn something about yourself and how to get the most out of your precious sleep time. Choose the color of silk sheets, silk duvet covers or silk pillowcases wisely. Thanks for stopping by and until next week:

    Sleep Well.  Sleep Silky.

  • Affordable Manito Silk Gets Rave Reviews

    Media relations maven and woman about town Carmen Ruiz y Laza shares her sources for looking good and living well without breaking the bank.

    Originally from Spain, Carmen follows the old European tradition of buying timeless classics. Here’s her latest tip, as shared with readers of, Vancouver’s daily money-saving must-read:

    “My Silk Sleeping Eye Mask feel posh, posh, posh. The silk pillowcases don’t grab at your hair so hairdos last longer, and there are no creepy little feathers poking out of a silk-filled duvet. At first I was afraid to wash my silk bedding, but it’s way easier and more effective than dry cleaning. Another bonus: Manito products cost less than comparable top-quality silk bedding.”

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