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    We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sacha DeVoretz, Lifestyle Blogger and Huffington Post contributor, about the benefits of Silk Pillowcases.

    It is an interesting read filled with facts about silk and why you should choose Manito Luxury Silk for your next silk bedding purchase.

    Enjoy, and as always:

    Sleep Well.  Sleep Silky.

  • Is it time for a Sleep Divorce?

    Have you been hearing the buzz about Sleep Divorce? A Sleep Divorce is when otherwise happy couples decide to sleep in different rooms or beds to get a better sleep. This could be for a variety of reasons, including snoring, difference in body temperature and/or blanket hogging issues. Or because one or both partners has a hard time relaxing and it affects the other’s quality of sleep.

    We at Manito believe that when you sleep in our finest mulberry silk sheets, you might not have to apply for a Sleep Divorce after all. We are in the business of ensuring you have a gentle, relaxing and healthy good night's sleep. Silk is a marvelous regulator of body temperature so it has an incredible ability to keep your body at the perfect temperature whether you need warming or cooling. So if Mr. Snooze is prone to night sweats and Mrs. Snooze is always chilly, both of them can still find their perfect sleeping condition in the same bed!

    Also, when you snuggle up in between silk sheets, you will feel so comfortable and lush that you will forget that you ever had any problems or worries and sleep like a baby the whole night through.

    The only other little problem is that you might actually WANT to get that Sleep Divorce if you can’t come to an agreement on which of our 7 colors you prefer. One possibility might be to have each partner choose their own silk pillowcase colour. Who says everything has to match? Then everyone can be happy and rest well in bed.

    Make sure to follow our blog for more to come about our “Bed Behaviour” personalities: we’ll be featuring a new one each week. If you're single you might want to consider our points when choosing potential mates. We spend over a third of our lives in bed so we want to help you create the most extraordinary sleep experience possible. Until we meet again:

    Sleep well, Sleep Silky

  • How Silk is Made.

    luxury silk bedding manito mulberry charmeuse bed behavior behaviour sleep mask gift presents quality throw euro sham sheets pillowcase relaxation sleep well relax silk production manufacturing china


    How is Silk Made?

    The answer to the question of "How is silk made?" is evident in the name of the silkworm. It is important to note that there can be significant differences in the silk manufacturing process since not all silk manufacturers  use the same species of silkworm to produce their silk. For example, wild silk is made using the ruptured pupae of silkworms that breed and pupate out in the wild, in significant contrast to their domesticated counterparts.

    However, in most cases, the silk manufacturing process relies on the domesticated silkworm, which continues to be reared in much the same manner as their predecessors since time immemorial.

    The Steps in the Silk Manufacturing Process

    The silk making process begins with the silk moth laying its eggs. Since even a single silk worm can lay thousands of eggs in one go, this results in an enormous number of silkworms once they begin hatching out of their eggs, meaning that farmers have to be prepared with an appropriate supply of leaves harvested from the mulberry tree.

    As the silkworms feast on mulberry leaves, their skin has to moult so that they can continue growing.  Growth spurts have to occur no less than four times before silkworms are ready to pupate.  This takes place as soon as silkworms climb onto convenient branches placed there for that exact purpose by the farmer.

    Each silkworm begins by creating the net that will hold it in place before it begins enclosing itself in its cocoon. In total, each silkworm produces a single strand of silk that measures about a mile in length, held together in the shape of a cocoon using a gum called sericin.

    Once the silkworm have enclosed themselves in their cocoons, the farmers will put them in hot water. This dissolves the gum holding their cocoons together and  is crucial because it makes it possible for manufacturers the farmers contract with to separate strands of silk, bind them into thread, and then wind it onto reels as raw silk. Once the strands have been processed into raw silk, it can be shipped out for further processing into consumer goods such as our bedding and sleep-wear.

    How Our Process Stands Out

    Of course, even though the answer to the question of "How is silk made?" is generally the same across silk manufacturers, small differences can still lead to big differences when it comes to the results.

    For example, the excellence of the silk used in Manito’s products can be attributed to a couple of facts. First, our parent company has been involved in the manufacturing of silk for decades, including contracting with farmers who work in 30,000 acres of land in beautiful Huosan, Anhui Province.  We know silk, from farm to finished product.  Second, we not only insist on 100% mulberry silk but we purposely choose a traditional, narrow loom charmeuse weave and combine this with an optimum 22 momme, the measure of silk's weight.  In combination these attributes result in some of the world's most luxurious silk bedding and sleepwear.

    Contact Us

    Please do not hesitate to contact our representatives at Manito if you have further inquiries related to either how our silk is made, or the bedding and sleepwear made using our silk.

  • 2017 Colors of Spring Silk Sale - 25% off select Luxury Silk Bedding

    2017 Colors of Spring Silk Sale

    Save 25% off select Luxury Silk Bedding

    Celebrate Spring with 25% Savings on select Manito Luxury Silk Bedding in spring colors of Sage Green, Silver Blue Plum or Chocolate

    With spring in the air, Manito Luxury Silk celebrates green sprouts, blue skies and the arrival of everyone’s favorite bunny. Save 25% on select silk bedding in our beautiful spring colors: sage green, silver blue or chocolate.

    Starting April 10, 2017, Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear begins its Colors of Spring Sale, offering 25% off select silk bedding in spring colors of sage green, silver blue and chocolate. All of Manito Luxury Silk Bedding is made with unparalleled quality of material and craftsmanship, consisting of 22 Momme long-strand Mulberry Silk with the finest Charmeuse weave.

    Silk Sale - Save 25% on Silk Duvet Covers

    Manito Silk |Silk Pillowcase |Silk Sheets | Mulberry Silk | Silk Bedding | Silk Bed Sheets | Best Silk Sheets | Real Silk Sheets | Silk Sheet Sets | Silk Bedding Sets | Silk Sheets Queen | Silk Sheets King | 100% Silk Sheets | Luxury Silk Sheets | Silk Eye Mask | Silk Duvet | Silk PillowSlip into one of our contemporary Silk Duvet Covers, beautifully stitched with an elegant design and a discreet zipper
    for easy everyday use and care. Manito silk duvet covers promote a comfortable and healthy sleep environment. Silk is an all-natural, breathable fabric with unique moister wicking properties. Surround yourself in the silk that Good Housekeeping voted North America’s most luxurious, and consumer favorite for smoothness and comfort.

    Silk Sale - Save 25% on Silk Pillowcases and Silk Pillow Shams

    Undeniably gorgeous, Manito's Silk Pillowcases and Silk Pillow Shams are also a secret beauty weapon. Hypoallergenic and gentle on the face, some dermatologists argue that silk pillowcases minimize wrinkles. Silk Pillowcases also promote healthy hair by minimizing tangles and breakage.

    Silk Sale - Silk Accent Pillows & Quilted Silk Euro Shams

    Our square or lumbar Silk Accent Pillows come complete with feather-filled inserts and feature stunning, meticulously stitched leaf patters. Our Silk Euro Shams are covers only, with a large diamond pattern. All three items feature artfully hidden zippers.

    According to John Kenmuir, president of Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear, this promotion will be valid through April 16th, 2017. “We are glad feature this spring sale for our customers on our luxurious Silk Bedding. Besides, we offer a lot of information regarding what to look for in silk products and craftsmanship. Customers will easily be able to find what they want by visiting our website.

    One customer, Devin from Los Angeles states “It’s blissful sleeping on Manito luxury Silk Bedding – it’s luxurious, incredibly comfortable and great for your skin. Manito luxury Silk Bedding is smooth and chemical-free to provide real beauty benefits. They hit all the marks.”

    Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear also offers free and fast delivery, premium quality silk products at competitive prices and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for customers worldwide, the reason of which customers choose Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear. More information can be found by visiting our website or by calling (877) 540-7455 and asking for John.

    About Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear
    Not all silk vendors are created equal. Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear is headquartered and maintains inventory in North America. They offer free shipping anywhere in North America for orders of $50 or more and a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Manito designs its products in North America, for western colors, tastes and style. Its parent company manufacturers everything Manito Luxury Silk Bedding and Silk Sleepwear sells. Manito Luxury Silk provides the finest silk bedding and sleepwear products available in North America, with unparalleled quality of material and craftsmanship.

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