• Great Holiday Gifts from Manito Silk.


    2014 Christmas Gift Ideas – Great Holiday Gifts from Manito Silk

    Manito is pleased to announce our great silk holiday gifts for 2014! This year, give the gift of luxurious, exquisite silk to your loved ones. We are featuring some of our most popular silk bedding and silk sleepwear items, so you can spread the joy of soft and supple mulberry silk to all this holiday season!

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  • Celebs who love Manito - Kate Aselton and Mark Duplass!

    Over the next few months we will be sharing some photos of celebrities who love Manito silk.

    First up is the power couple Kate Aselton & Mark Duplass. They co-star in the FOX sitcom "The League" and also in real life as Mom and Dad to their two wonderful children.

    Kate is a producer and director in addition to being a fabulous actress. Mark is also the lead singer for the band "Volcano, I'm still excited!!" (best name for a band ever?!), and guest stars on "The Mindy Project": we think The Midwives would approve of Manito Silk.

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  • 30% off Silk Bedding Sale - Cozy Up to Fall 2017

    Today, Manito Luxury Silk Bedding starts its Cozy Up to Fall Silk Bedding Sale, offering 30% off its Silk Filled Comforters, Silk Duvet Covers, Silk Filled Pillows, Silk Throws, Silk Pillow Shams and its Quilted Silk Coverlet. Manito Silk is offering an additional 5% off to all members of its Manito Rewards program. All of Manito Luxury Silk Bedding is made with unparalleled quality of material and craftsmanship, consisting of 22MM, long-strand Mulberry Silk with a sumptuous Charmeuse weave. Even Good Housekeeping rated Manito Silk #1 consumer favorite for comfort and smoothness. Continue Reading

  • Bed Behavior - A Silk Sleep Study - The Smooth Operator - Chocolate Brown






    Smooth Operator


    Bed Behavior - A Silk Sleep Study

    You may be thinking, what is Bed Behavior anyway? We coined this term as a way to describe what your choice of silk sheet colors says about your personality and how you get down in between the sheets. We mean sleeping of course!

    The Smooth Operator - Chocolate Brown

    This week we look at Bed Behavior # 2, The Smooth Operator, our lusciously luxurious Chocolate Brown. If you’re drawn to Chocolate we bet you either have a habit of drinking coffee or eating chocolate in bed; maybe both (thank goodness Manito Silk is machine washable!) Of course everyone wants a relaxing good night’s sleep, but we think that our “Chocolatites” are probably a bit more ambitious, with boundless energy. The “last one to bed, first one to wake” types, who also really know how to relax when they need to. It is an added bonus that your silk pillowcases and silk sleep mask help you look well rested in the morning and if you’re the type to pass out without washing off your make-up at night, Chocolate silk is a perfect choice.

    Slumbering under any of our fine mulberry silk sheets is a blissful experience but we want to help you figure out your sleep personality so you can get the most out of your sleep and your sheets. We’re sure there are just as many chocolate brown silk lovers who might like to lounge around in bed on a day off, eating sweets and sipping lattes. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone; it will be our little secret. That’s why we call you the Smooth Operator.

    Is your Bed Behaviour #2? Please leave us some comments below to let us know what you think. If you have any other great ideas to add to this Bed Behaviour or to share your own sleeping experience in silk bedding please do!
    Stay tuned for next week’s Bed Behavior and until then:

    Sleep Well. Sleep Silky.

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