Luxury Silk Bedding

  • Best of All, We Love the Fall: Chasing the Chill with Silk Bedding

    As the crisp days and chilly nights of autumn offer a refreshing change of pace to the heat of summer, one of the most luxurious ways to stay warm as the thermometer drops is with silk bedding and accessories. Lightweight, incredibly warm, and so soothing to the touch, silk is an elegant partner bringing comfort, luxury, and durability, without equal.

    Manito pure silk and silk-filled bedding, from duvets and throws to pillows and sleep masks, are versatile essentials that are perfect for fall weather, but also ready for anything winter brings.  With beauty benefits that are gentle on skin and hair, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, quality silk will help you look and feel and at your best.

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  • The Double Luxury of Organic Silk Plus Responsible Silk Production

    Pairing the luxury and benefits of organic silk bedding with an emphasis on responsible silk production processes, beginning to end, provides double the luxury for a perfect night's sleep. From the day we are born we spend at least a third of each day sleeping. Sleep environments range from simple mats and pads to elaborate furnishings with multiple layers of support. What truly matters, however, no matter the style of decor, is the material that comes into contact with skin during sleep.

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  • Silk Duvets vs Down Duvets

    Silk Duvets vs Down Duvets

    When you crawl into bed after a very long day, nothing else can compare to the comfort and feel of silk bedding. Not even a down duvet can match up to a silk duvet. Not convinced? Silk Duvets vs Down Duvets - Here are 3 reasons why silk wins over down, every time:

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  • 6 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

    not getting enough sleepFew things impact your day-to-day health and well-being quite as quickly as a lack of sleep. Your skin, your muscles, your energy, your mood, all of them depend on the rest you get each night to rejuvenate, refresh, and stay healthy. When you’re not getting enough sleep, it shows up quite quickly in all these places, leaving signs plain for anyone paying attention:

    1. You’re tired all the time.

    The simplest symptom, the most obvious symptom, the most overlooked symptom. If you’re always tired, always catching naps, never energetic…then the most likely culprit is a lack of sleep, before anything else. You may think you’re sleeping enough! But perhaps you’re waking up constantly, laying there awake more than you realize, or simply not giving yourself enough time to rest each night.

    Whatever the case, not getting enough sleep will leave you tired all the time. But if that’s not enough to set off alarms, look for these other signs…

    2. You’re short-tempered, or otherwise moody.

    Maybe you’re the type that doesn’t feel tired or sickly or weak when you’re short on sleep…but how’s your mood? If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, you’re going to eventually push yourself into a ‘survival mode’ where the wrong chemicals start flowing and fight-or-flight becomes far more appealing as a solution in life. That means a short temper…or depression, anxiety, and a wealth of other mood problems. Continue Reading

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