Silk Bedding

  • What is Charmeuse Silk and Why is it Unique?

    charmeuse-silk What is Charmeuse Silk?

    Charmeuse refers to a specific type of weave that creates a wonderfully weighted silk fabric with a beautiful sheen. To be exact, charmeuse is woven such that the lengthwise thread crosses over three or more of the transverse threads.

    Using this traditional style weave, silk charmeuse has a lustrous and reflective finish on its front, which makes for a great contrast with the dull finish of its back. Its luster and lightweight properties make it well-suited for delicate nightwear, robes and of course, bedding. Continue Reading

  • What to Watch Out for When You Buy Silk Online

    Manito Silk Day 1 0075Are you interested in buying silk online, but aren’t sure how to identify silk to find the best quality products. Read on for our list of the top 4 things to watch out for when you are researching silk vendors:

    1. Can You Get a Sample?
    We truly believe that buying silk is a hands-on experience. When you buy silk online, you’re missing out on an essential part of the process – getting to touch and feel the softness of the silk yourself. Manito understands that silk should be touched. That’s why we offer to send all of our customers complementary swatches of our silk before they make a purchase. Continue Reading

  • Make Sharing a Bed More Comfortable With the Best Silk Sheets

    best-silk-sheetsLet’s face it – sharing a bed with your partner isn’t always the most comfortable scenario, especially when you are looking forward to getting a really good nights’ sleep. In addition to the sleep habits your partner has (such as snoring, kicking, or talking in their sleep!), it can be difficult to find to a compromise when it comes to the type of bedding you use. Perhaps one of you prefers to sleep cocooned in multiple blankets, while the other prefers to sleep without covers at all. Maybe one of you always wakes up in the middle of the night sweating, while the other complains of chills all night long.

    Whether you’re too hot or too cold, a fitful sleep is never anyone’s idea of beauty rest. And if you’re up tossing and turning, your partner is likely being disturbed as well. Luckily, there’s an easy way for both of you to get a better, more relaxing sleep. Choosing the best silk sheets, duvets, pillowcases and other silk bedding accessories can improve your sleep quality, as well as your partner’s. Continue Reading

  • How to Shop for Silk On-Line


    Buying bedding online is like buying anything over the web: there are a ton of options at varying qualities and prices and most people just don’t know what the best option is for them. When buying silk bedding online, it can become even more difficult. Most people want to touch and feel the texture of the silk to ensure it is of the highest quality before they buy it. Manito silk is here to help. With the following tips, you will be able to make a more educated decision that will guide you in buying the perfect silk bed set online in the US and Canada.

    1. Silk Weight, Type and Weave

    The most important thing to consider when you are looking for silk sheets, duvets or pillowcases online is the quality of the silk. The retailer should provide you with a detailed description of the silk bedding products. Make sure to read this thoroughly before you purchase. One key indicator of quality in silk bedding is the momme count. The momme count is the standard measurement for the weight of silk fabric. For the most comfortable silk, you'll want to look for a momme count of 19 or 22. Manito Silk has a 22 momme count, which we feel is the best option for sheets: it is not too light nor too hot. A second indicator of quality is the type of silk used. 100% long-strand Mulberry silk is the royalty of silk fabrics. It is known that the silk worms who eat the leaves of the mulberry trees produce the most luxurious, strong & shimmery silk threads. All of Manito's products are made of 100% long-strand Mulberry silk. The weave is also something to take into consideration. The most luxurious is "charmeuse", which uses a weaving technique that produces a fabulous touch and drape that isn't too slippery. Ask the online retailer to send you a swatch sample and see how they respond. Manito is happy to send out swatch samples in any color of your choosing, absolutely free, so you can see and feel the quality of our fabric for yourself.

    2. Measurements
    It is very important when buying silk bedding online that you carefully measure the dimensions of your bed to ensure that the bedding will fit seamlessly without being too tight or lose. Review the measurements online and look for sheets that are best suited for your bed frame and mattress before buying. Manito Silk bedding is constructed to fit western Queen, King, and California King beds.

    3. Additional Fees
    Whether you are buying bedding online within the USA or Canada, there may be additional fees associated with your order. To ensure you get the bedding you desire at the price that fits your budget, always make sure to read the fine print and invoice before ordering. Luckily, Manito Silk offers free shipping on all orders!

    4. Return Policy
    Make sure the retailer you choose provides  a detailed return and warranty policy. This way, if you are unsatisfied with your order you will have the opportunity to replace or return the bedding for something more suitable that meets your criteria. Look for a silk bedding company with a money back guarantee so that you can feel completely confident in your silk purchase.  Manito Silk stands by our products with a 30 money back guarantee.

    5. Location of Online Retailer
    There are many online sites originating from other parts of the world. Often these companies source their products from multiple factories.  These companies may have a North American phone number but are very difficult to contact directly.  Returning merchandise can be very difficult and may result in import duties or other surprise fees. Manito is located in North America, and so is our inventory. Rarely will we not have the product you want in the size and color you want. You will not face additional fees, it is easy and inexpensive to reach us, and returns if necessary are easy and quick. You can deal with Manito with absolute confidence.

    If you have any questions about buying bedding online in the USA or Canada, contact Manito Silk today. Our team will help make your ordering process easy and make sure your bedding is the right fit for you. We want to assist you in making the best choice for your home so you can have the most amazing sleep possible.

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