How to Take Care of Silk Sheets

How to Take Care of Silk Sheets

While you might think that properly washing silk sheets is a hassle, it’s actually very easy, and no more difficult than washing any other type of sheets at home. Manito’s talented spokesperson, TV personality and public relations specialist Carmen Ruiz y Laza, is here to offer some helpful tips on taking care of your Manito silk sheets at home.

Carmen has been sleeping on our silk sheets for more than 4 years, and personally knows how easy it is to keep them looking and feeling luxurious and soft. Keep her simple tips in mind for treating your silk sheets with care, and they will continue to treat you to a great night’s sleep for years to come!

Watch the video below to learn how to wash silk sheets at home.

Hi everybody, it's Carmen. Silk sheets, do you wash, dry clean? Wash. I'm going to show you. It's really easy. I've been sleeping on silk sheets for years, and the question I get asked most often is how do you take care of them? Well you know what? You throw these in the washing machine in cold water, delicate soap, and gentle cycle. And then to dry, you tumble dry on low heat and to smooth out, you put this on your bed and just use your hands. Perfect.

There are silk soaps out there, but there's also just the gentle soaps. Take care of them and they will just be divine on your bed. No need to worry about caring for silk sheets. It's a breeze.