What is the Social Impact of Your Luxury Silk Bedding?

luxury-silk-bedding-social-impactIf you are thinking about purchasing luxury silk bedding, there are many things you will likely consider: whether it is made using mulberry silk or wild silk, its momme weight, how it feels to the touch, and how it is manufactured. At Manito, we have noticed that many of our customers are also interested in learning about how their silk is sourced, and what kind of social impact they are making when they choose to purchase our luxury silk bedding.

Our parent company, Yuanpai Textile of Huoshan, Anhui Province works with the area’s local farmers to produce raw mulberry silk the traditional way – by growing mulberry leaves and nurturing silkworms. In total, Yuanpai contracts with thousands of farmers who tend to more than 30,000 acres of mulberry farmland.  Manito is proud that Yuanpai have been awarded the National Poverty Alleviation Enterprise certificate from China’s State Council for their work in addressing rural poverty by supporting farmers in the region.  This is just one of many special attributes of  Manito’s silk.

So, when you purchase from Manito, you can feel good about your choice in luxury silk bedding. We take care to source all of our raw silk ethically, using processes that benefit rural farmers, the manufacturers, and you, the customer. Operating a family owned company allows us to ensure great care and quality is involved in every step related to creating our luxury silk bedding, from sourcing raw silk to displaying our wonderful silk products in retail stores.

How is Manito’s Luxury Silk Bedding Produced?

Our wonderful 100% mulberry silk’s story begins in the fields. After silkworms feed on a diet of pure mulberry leaves, they spin cocoons of fine silk. Once the cocoons are grown, local farmers deliver them to our family-run manufacturing company. Here, the cocoons are spun into long, raw mulberry silk fibers that are pure white in color. The silkworms’ diet of mulberry leaves allows us to create a better quality fiber with a uniform texture and color much different from other types of silk.

Manito also takes care to use environmentally friendly materials when it comes to manufacturing our products. Our woven silk fabric is dyed using a process that adheres to the highest international standards for environmentally responsible coloring. Our trim details use only natural materials so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, eco-conscious product in your home.

Choosing high-quality luxury silk bedding is easy. Look for a product that not only looks and feels great, but one that makes a positive social impact on those who are involved in producing it!