Our Family

Family Owned Luxury Silk Bedding Company

Being a family owned company lets us control quality every step of the way, ensuring a continued emphasis on quality from the fields to the showroom floor.

Two generations of our family manage every part of the process, from the mulberry fields to manufacturing, and fulfillment to customer service. This lets us guarantee a level of quality that other silk producers simply cannot.

But being a family owned business also means we bring a lot of pride and sense of responsibility to what we do. Our objective with Manito was to bring to North America something really special: The highest level of quality using the very best silk practices and craftsmanship of our country but using a North American color palette and designs.

Our family has been involved in the silk fabric production in the Houshan region of Anhui Province, China, for decades.

We contract with thousands of farmers who tend to 30,000 acres of Mulberry farms.  Our company has been recognized by the Chinese government for improving the livelihood of the poor through farm support.

After years producing quality raw silk, and manufacturing bedding and sleepwear for the Chinese market, our family decided to put their experience to work and launch a new line of silk bedding and sleepwear products for the North American market.

With the aid of professional North American management, my sister, May, and I, who lived in Vancouver, BC established a new silk bedding and sleepwear company.

Working with local designers and the best silk available from China, the first items were developed for the Manito line in late 2009, which has since expanded to include a full line of bedding products and a new line of sleepwear and accessories.

My family and I have been very gratified with how well the products have been received by customers throughout the USA, Canada and around the world.

Two generations of our family taking care of two aspects of the business. Mother and father continuing the family tradition of producing the finest quality silk in the world, and my sister and me striking out to bring the family’s product to the world, in retail, online and into the 21st Century.

From our family to yours, thank you!

Di Zhang