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  • How to Keep Skin Hydrated This Fall

    Your skin is not only the biggest organ of the body; it is also one of the hardest working ones. Unlike your body's other organs, it is open to the elements and is constantly under attack from dirt, chemicals, weather conditions and hard work. To stay in top condition, it needs to be cared for day in and day out. One of the key aspects of skin care is hydration, particularly as the weather becomes drier and cooler. Here are a few ideas on how to keep skin hydrated this fall:

    1) Hydrate skin from the inside out

    Your skin may be on the outside, but good hydration begins on the inside. The average adult needs between two and three liters of fluid every day. Some of this will come from food, but the best source of hydration remains pure, fresh water. If you really don't like plain water, flavored varieties will work just as well. Other drinks do count towards your fluid intake, but try to avoid high sugar and carbonated drinks. The same is true of caffeinated beverages. A well-hydrated body will make the skin look and feel more supple. It will also be less likely to dry out and crack in dryer weather conditions. Continue Reading

  • The Double Luxury of Organic Silk Plus Responsible Silk Production

    Pairing the luxury and benefits of organic silk bedding with an emphasis on responsible silk production processes, beginning to end, provides double the luxury for a perfect night's sleep. From the day we are born we spend at least a third of each day sleeping. Sleep environments range from simple mats and pads to elaborate furnishings with multiple layers of support. What truly matters, however, no matter the style of decor, is the material that comes into contact with skin during sleep.

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  • Why Silk Sheets are a Natural Remedy for Hot Flashes

    There are many surprising benefits that come with sleeping on silk sheets. Silk can have incredible positive effects on your health and comfort while you sleep. Silk sheets represent more than just a luxurious addition to your bedroom; they can be a great choice for women, especially during menopause when they may experience uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes while they sleep. Silk sheets are a great natural remedy for hot flashes.

    A feeling of intense heat all over the body causes discomfort and stress for many women. Fluctuating hormone levels as well as a lower threshold to heat causes an immediate reaction in the brain that starts making the heart pump faster, dilates the skin vessels to circulate more blood and radiate more heat, and makes you sweat more to try to cool off.

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  • Silk Pillowcase Buyer's Guide: Silk Fabric & Smart Buying Tips

    Sleeping on premium silk pillowcases is a sumptuous pleasure.  In addition to the posh look and feel, nights in a soft cloud of luxury silk bestows health and beauty benefits due to this incredible fabric’s natural proteins and low friction surface. Not all silk pillowcases are created equal, however.  Against much hype and competitive claims, it’s important to know what to look for to fully benefit from what the best silk fabric can offer.  The silk industry experts from Manito Silk, awarded the Good Housekeeping #1 position for luxury silk pillowcases, present this simple checklist to guide intelligent choices for a luxury silk sleep experience.

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