Help Your Skin Wake Up Fresh & Rejuvenated With Silk Bed Linen

silk-bed-linenHave you noticed that your face, lips, hands or other parts of your skin are very dry when you wake up each morning? Waking up feeling dry and uncomfortable is never a pleasant feeling. You may try to combat this dryness by loading up on your favourite facial moisturizers and body lotions – but find that it doesn’t work. Wondering why? It’s because your cotton pillowcases and sheets are actually absorbing your skincare products as you sleep! So, while you think applying expensive lotions and creams before bed will give them hours to work their magic and hydrate your skin, in reality, it is your bedding that is sucking up all that moisture, not your skin.

Unlike cotton, silk bed linen and silk pillowcases do not absorb moisture in the same way. This means that your creams and lotions will stay where they’re meant to, and can do their job all night while you enjoy a restful sleep. Your skin’s natural oils also remain on your face – not on your pillowcase.

Silk bed linens are especially good for the winter months, when the air is dryer and we often deal with the effects of dry, cracking skin and chapped lips. Not only does silk help your skin retain the moisture it desperately needs, its smooth texture is soothing to dry, irritated skin. The wonderful charmeuse weave of Manito’s silk bedding means it glides easily over your skin, and won’t catch on, rub against, or otherwise irritate your skin. Our silk bed linen drapes delicately over your body as you sleep and won’t pull on dry or sensitive areas. The smoothness of silk bed linen also helps sleepers avoid sleep lines and wrinkles on their face and body. Since your skin slides easily over the fabric, less stress is placed on your skin.

Another wonderful benefit of silk pillowcases and bedding are the natural proteins it releases as you sleep. Proteins play an important role in the overall appearance and health of your skin. During your sleeping hours, your body works hard to rejuvenate your skin, and regenerate these much-needed proteins. Silk bed linens are the perfect partner for this process – they naturally contain proteins built using 18 essential amino acids to enhance your skin’s appearance. It’s also important to note that the pH level of silk is the same as our skin, which contributes to the health and youthful glow of your skin.

Ready to get your beauty sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? Take a look at Manito’s gorgeous collection of silk bedding to choose the colors and styles that suit your bed behavior.