Manito Reviews & Testimonials

"I got my pillowcases the other week, and I am in heaven.  They are gorgeous:  The most comfortable pillowcases ever."
~ Jessica, Los Angeles, CA

"I have just placed an order for 5 sets.  Can't wait to receive them and they will be wonderful gifts!!!  Of course I got a set for myself too!!!"
~ Tamara, Murraysville, PA

"Just wanted to tell you that I just climbed into my bed in my new apartment for the first time and am laying on my new sheets! Colours are great and they feel wonderful!
Thanks again for being my silk dealer."
~ Liz, Lebanon, Beirut

"4 nights sleeping between silk and I would not hesitate to give up my Egyptian cotton. I love the temperature getting in and it stays consistent. It makes your body feel extremely soft. LOVE them!!! Sleeping better. I highly recommend them. Thanks Manito."
~ Kathy, Saskatoon, SK

"‘Thank you thank you thank you!  I've never used you guys before but other companies I purchase items from via web have never replied so quickly, in such a customer service-oriented way and actually gone out of their way to help. I can see that you guys are different and I would be more than happy to support you guys in any fashion. Being in the customer service business myself, I understand what a differentiating factor this is in the marketplace. Based on how you've handled this, I plan to continue to order through your website for items I need, gifts, etc.  Please pass this along to your supervisor or provide his or her email so I can do it personally. Very much appreciate your help here, Zooey."
~ Cameron, Chicago, IL

"I just received my order yesterday and had my first sleep with a silk sheet and silk covered duvet. I have never imagined or experienced such luxury in my life!  It is indescribable. You are amazing!  Thanks so much! I have already noticed that my hair seems improved by using silk pillowcases. Divine! Excellent service and advice provided."
~ Stephanie, Toronto, ON

"My experience has been a positive one so far because of the communication that I have received from you, and the product!  Accidents happen, it is how a company deals with them that, in my opinion defines them and if I would do business with them again.  And I definitely will be doing business with you again in the future!  You rock!!!!"
~ Jesse, Kansas City, KS

"AWESOME!! SO pretty - love it, thank you SO MUCH.. you are the best!! Both Liz and I thank you!!!"
~ Chris, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you so much for all of this you have definitely exceeded my expectations of customer service."
~ Denise, Toronto, ON

"My pillowcases are wonderful.  I just had a baby two weeks ago and when I actually get to sleep they are so soft."
~ Margi, Escondido, CA

"When I received my Manito pillowcases I was so elated to try them out as they are super, silky soft and delicate.  I just knew they would send me into a peaceful slumber….they did not disappoint, they are simply enchanting – I adore them.’
~ Missy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I've had my Manito Silk sheets for over a year, washing them VERY regularly and they still feel soft and fantastic..just like new. Will they ever wear out? Oh well, guess I just want more colors to add to my collection"
~ Carmen, Vancouver, BC

"It’s blissful sleeping on Manito silk - it’s luxurious, incredibly comfortable and great for your skin. Silk bedding, specifically pillowcases, minimize damage to your hair and face while you sleep. Manito silk is smooth and chemical-free to provide real beauty benefits. They hit all the marks."
~ Devin, Los Angeles, CA

"The silk duvet has now been inducted into official bed use and we really like it."
~ Florence, Halifax, NS

"We just got the pillow cases and they're amazing! Thank you so much."
~ Jordi, New York, NY

"AMAZING! Luxurious bedding and excellent service."
~ Louise, Vancouver, BC

"I have arrived in Moscow, Russia, and my wife just loves our new silk sheets."
~ John, Moscow, Russia

"Just wanted to let you know that the eye masks arrived and my husband and I are in heaven! They are so soft and dreamy .... I could sleep for a week. So glad we found your store online, we will definitely be buying more products in the future."
~ Ashley, Oak Park, CA

"Loving Manito silk so much….you are the BEST.  Sleeping soundly…’"
~ Caroline, New York, NY