Good Housekeeping's #1

Good Housekeeping ranks Manito Silk Pillowcases as Consumer Favorite for Smoothness and Comfort.. and the #1 Luxury Pick

Silk's growing popularity has seen a flux of silk pillowcase brands claiming a myriad of benefits, so the Good Housekeeping Textile Lab put 13 brands to the test to clear the clutter.  Manito Luxury Silk was declared the best for softness and comfort.

“This luxe pick was the consumer favorite for comfort and smoothness —and it performed well in the Lab”, states the Good Housekeeping Lab report.

The Good Housekeeping Lab tested silk pillowcases to help consumers decipher health, hair and beauty benefits and sleep in peace. Not only did Manito Luxury Silk rate #1 for smoothness and comfort, it tested to be durable, washed well and withstood wrinkling.  “It’s simple to care for (just toss it in the dryer) and doesn’t crease easily; it impressed our experts in their fabric-wrinkle evaluations,” says the Good Housekeeping report.

It is the quality of smoothness that leads to the benefits of silk – less friction on hair and skin results in less damage to hair and skin.  Smoothness is the secret to silk with benefits.  Manito Luxury Silk achieves this smoothness by using age-old craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing techniques.  Our high grade mulberry silk has a deep charmeuse weave exclusive to Manito, giving our fabric unmatched softness.  Our 22 momme is the optimum weight for bedding, resulting in the perfect balance of depth, drape and durability.  Shop Manito pillowcases here

While Manito Luxury Silk uses ancient techniques to create silk, we use modern, European inspired colors ranging from milky white, champagne, charcoal, silver blue, chocolate, soft pink, plum and Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, soft green.  Our pillowcases feature a deep cuff with a skillfully made French seam, adding detail and elegance you won't find on competitive brands.

Manito always strives to produce the finest possible products; and yet, we offer exceptional value through popular pricing.  Manito uses the same, unique and incomparable silk fabric of our silk pillowcases for all our products.  Our claim to be The World's Most Luxurious Silk has been verified by Good Housekeeping.  You buy silk mostly for smoothness and comfort. Look no further than Manito Luxury Silk for the very best of all worlds.

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