Soft Pink Silk Sheets - Bed Behavior #8 - The Romantic

Welcome to Soft Pink Silk Sheets, Bed Behavior #8, the Romantic. We developed Bed Behaviour to help you get the most out of your sleep and your sheets. Our newest shade of fine Manito Silk is for the Lovers of the world. Those sweet, hopeful souls who always look on the bright side and will always give love a second chance.

Are Soft Pink Silk Sheets for You?

Our soft pink silk sheet sets are for you if you are the type who looks at life through rose colored glasses? Is your idea of a great Saturday night (when you're not on a date) watching romantic comedies, dreaming of partnerships and heart connections? Can you recite the whole of Romeo and Juliet by heart and it still makes you a bit weepy? Do you often find yourself in tears during long distance phone company tv commercials or when you hear the strains of baroque music playing in the elevator? Do you believe deeply in True Love no matter what your life experience and will go to any lengths to find and maintain it? Do you just *know* that somewhere out there is the man or woman of your dreams and that destiny will bring you together? Do you wish on falling stars? If so you are Bed Behavior # 8, the Romantic.Manito Silk | Silk Pillowcase | Silk Sheets | Mulberry Silk | Silk Bedding | Silk Bed Sheets | Best Silk Sheets | Real Silk Sheets | Silk Sheet Sets | Silk Bedding Sets | Silk Sheets Queen | Silk Sheets King | 100% Silk Sheets | Luxury Silk Sheets | Silk Eye Mask | Silk Duvet | Silk Pillow | Soft Pink Silk Sheets

Some might say that pink is a girly colour but we know there is a special kind of man out there who will love and appreciate it as well. Pink is such a warm and inviting color that helps us to relax and unwind, deep into the heart. Like a sigh letting everything go at the end of a long day, Soft Pink brings a lovely warm energy to your sleeping and lounging experience. It reminds us to take things lightly, with ease and always get back to the heart of the matter.

Are you a Romantic? Please tell us about what you love. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bed Behavior contest over the past 6 weeks, we will be announcing the lucky winner sometime tomorrow on Facebook!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day, whether you are single, married or somewhere in-between we hope you find a way to celebrate this day with Love.

Sleep Well, Sleep Silky.