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Everything You Need to Know About Silk

With your host, Carmen Ruiz y Laza

Our talented spokesperson Carmen Ruiz y Laza, host of Joytv’s CarmenTV, began sleeping on Manito sheets more than four years ago, when we first introduced our product line. Since then, she's been one of our biggest fans, and has some great advice and information about silk.

A native of Spain, Carmen's varied career includes stints as a casting director, broadcast producer and a director of a boutique public relations firm specializing in luxury brands and philanthropy.   As host of CarmenTV , she seeks out local experts for their tips on travel, cuisine, fashion and beauty.  She knows what's hot and what's not.  Learn more about Carmen here.

We're delighted to have Carmen on the Manito team.  There is no substitute for experience with a product, particularly long experience.

We invite you to look and listen as Carmen gives you straight goods on silk and the Manito difference:


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