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Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend (*All calculations are based on USD)

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Reward Points Redemption

For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 1 point. These points can be redeemed for valuable coupons, unlocking even more indulgence on your favorite silk products.

Please note that once you redeem your points for gifts, the corresponding points will be deducted instantly. So, choose wisely and relish the luxury you deserve.

*All calculations are based on USD

Elegant man and woman in luxury with MANITO’s mulberry silk pajama set, embodying sophistication and serene comfort in an opulent setting.
Chic woman showcasing MANITO's contrast silk headband, blending elegance and comfort in a minimalist setting

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Advance Access to Pre-order

Be the first to know about our new product / limited edition / co-brand items launches and get advance access to pre-order.

*Pre-order privileges are occasionally available, please contact customerservice@manitosilk.com for more details.

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Exclusive Birthday Coupons

Members can enjoy Exclusive Coupons in their birth month (check the form for details), please contact customer support in the same month to receive them.

*Each member can only receive one birth month coupon in a year. Members are only entitled to the coupon of the corresponding level at the time of application.

A young boy and girl sit comfortably with MANITO's luxurious silk cushions, adorned in soft blue and pink silk pajamas, enjoying the plush luxury.
Luxurious golden silk fabric with intricate star embroidery, perfect for sophisticated home decor by MANITO Silk

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Free Return & Exchange

Each member is guaranteed one chance of a free return/exchange after registration. After upgrading to Platinum, you can enjoy a free returns policy on all orders.

*Please remember to email us before returning and send the package within 30 days of the delivery date. Check more details on the Return Policy before your return.

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Custom Embroidery

We are pleased to offer you a custom embroidery service on selected products. Platinum members can enjoy this service three times a year for free. Please check our Personalization Page for more details.

*Please note that the custom embroidery service is only available for specific items.

Premium mulberry silk pillowcase with embossed MANITO logo, showcasing understated luxury and superior comfort