MANITO Delicate Care Liquid Laundry Soap

$ 45.00

(This product is currently not available in Canada) MANITO Delicate Care Liquid Laundry Soap meets various washing needs by keeping clothes soft and fluffy. It protects silk’s original smooth texture and makes it as soft as the first time you held it. Professional fabric care for a variety of materials including silk, cashmere, synthetic fibers, spandex, nylon, and blends. This natural and organic formula is free of artificial colors and dyes so that you can feel the beauty of nature’s gift. Give your clothes some love and make them new again.

Directions for use:

Hand wash: 1. Take the appropriate amount of laundry detergent and dilute it with water;

2. Put the clothes in the mixture and let soak for 5-15 minutes;

3. Press gently and rinse;

4. Wash and air dry.

Machine wash: We don’t recommend machine washing silk pieces. For machine washing, please use the delicate wash cycle. Place clothes inside out in mesh laundry bags, then rinse and dry.

Recommended amount: For 3-5 pieces of light clothing, use 4 ml.

Earn up to 45 points.
One Size (F)
MATERIAL: Composition: Aqua, Lauramidopropyl betaine, Sodium laureth sulfate, etc.
SHIPPING: This product will be shipped within 3 business days. (This product is currently not available in Canada)

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