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Manito's silk bedding is the very finest available in North America. Our silk has a luxurious drape and an unforgettable feel, thanks to its traditional, narrow loom charmeuse weave and an optimal momme count of 22 -- the measure of silk's weight and the sweet spot for silk bedding.

All of our bedding is hand crafted by us from 100% Mulberry long strand silk with immaculate stitching, meticulous craftmanship and a western inspired color palette and style unique to Manito. Dress your bed in our silk bed sheets and bedding to discover luxury, elegance and sensuality like nothing else.

Manito's luxury bedding sets & mulberry silk sheets are the ultimate choice for comfort and health. Naturally breathable, 100% silk stays cool in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter for comfortable sleeping year-round. Silk is all natural and hypo-allergenic, and gentler on our skin and kinder on our hair than synthetic alternatives.

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