Silk Duvet Covers, Quilted Coverlets & Throws

Treat yourself to a touch of luxury with our elegantly crafted duvet covers, coverlets, and throws. A silk duvet cover, throw, or quilted silk coverlet adds a stunning finishing touch to any bed.

Our beautifully handcrafted silk duvet covers feature discreet ties and zippers for ease of use, every day. Enhance your existing duvet with the feel, beauty and health benefits of a Manito duvet cover.

Manito’s quilted silk coverlet is another stunning top of bed accessory. Manito coverlets feature a beautifully stitched quilted pattern and unlike our competition, Manito uses real silk fill, not polyester.

Our easy-to-care-for silk duvet covers and coverlets take advantage of our silk's high momme count -- the measure of silk’s weight – of 22 for a luxurious drape, while retaining silk's natural breathability. Manito’s 100% Mulberry silk duvets and coverlets are incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. You’ll experience a more comfortable and more restful night’s sleep.

Each of our bed covers is available in a range of colors that match and complement our full line of bedding products.

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