Silk Pillowcases & Silk Pillow Shams

We refer to Manito's silk pillow cases and silk pillow shams as the world's most luxurious. No other manufacturer combines artisan level workmanship with a traditional, narrow loom charmeuse weave in 22 momme, 100% long strand mulberry silk.

Undeniably gorgeous, they are also your secret beauty weapon. Think about it: Nothing else in your world spends as much time touching your face and hair as your pillowcase. Hypoallergenic and gentle on your face (some dermatologists argue that silk pillows minimize wrinkles) our silk pillow cases are healthy for your hair.

Silk's natural breathability and unique moisture wicking properties make it an especially good material for a hypoallergenic pillowcase .

Plus, our silk pillow shams add drama to any bed, and since they come in the same seven delicious colors as our silk sheets and silk pillow cases, mixing and matching to dramatic effect is easy.

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