Extraordinary Fabric Presented With Craftsmanship Excellence


From premium silk materials to the finest techniques, MANITO is committed to practicing and improving heritage craftsmanship to create the aesthetics of fine living: the result is our extraordinary Soft Light®. A product of grace and beauty, Soft Light® has the defining pearlescent radiance and easy breathable quality of natural silk as well as a wide variety of colors.

Sumptuous Soft Light silk bedding, featuring a lustrous finish with an elegant sheen and delicate stitching detail, exemplifying MANITO's commitment to luxury and quality craftsmanship.
A close-up view of premium quality crude silk fibers and burlap, showcasing the supreme raw materials used in MANITO's silk products.

Supreme Crude Material

MANITO uses the “Jing Song × Hao Yue” (Pine × Moon) mulberry silkworm variety, which has a medium cocoon shape, great cleanliness, and uniform silk strands. These silkworms originate and live in the mid-latitude region where picturesque landscapes and serene lakes are abundant. From being born to forming their iconic cocoons as they grow, the life of a silkworm is a ballad of wonder, beauty, and poetic philosophy. The neat, high-quality cocoons are reeled through a meticulous process to produce luminous and uniform 6A silk with the highest marks in five categories: fiber deviation, maximum fiber deviation, second-degree variation evenness, cleanliness, and purity.

Innovative Weaving

Unlike traditional satin fabrics, Soft Satin innovates both the weft and warp directions of weaving, challenging conventional perceptions with increasingly refined craftsmanship. Thousands of clockwise and counter-clockwise twists produce a matte crepe that reveals an understated dynamism, just like the MANITO brand, an aesthetic of excellence that transcends frivolous complexity.

Two glass flasks with amber solutions, marked for quality testing, demonstrating the brand's commitment to excellence.
MANITO's elegant pre-finishing process of silk fabric, akin to a natural canvas, where the serene beauty of silk comes to life in a heated environment, shedding its sericin to reveal a world of lustrous enchantment.

Elegant Pre-finishing

Silk fabric is a natural canvas. They are similar to traditional roll films, floating in developer solution in a darkroom as a glimpse of life gently reveals itself captured on film, weaving together a world where lines of imagination and reality blur into dreamlike grandeur. Silk, on the other hand, reveals its world of radiant magic through processing in a heated environment, where sericin, pigments, oils, and wax substances stored in the sericin, hydrolyze and melt away.